I have always liked to draw.
So I've always drawn.
So finally, I could draw.

When I was younger my friends would ask me to draw anything and everything: from dolphins, princesses and ponies for girls, to power rangers and nuclear submarines with triple missile spitting lava at 100 000 ° C for boys

So, I quickly learned to satisfy the various aesthetic demands of my customers. Their demands evolved with their age (the head of the French teacher on a picture of a dinosaur, a CD cover, a poster for a student festival ...), therefore I naturally turned to the magic tools offered by computer graphics.
This is when I changed my status of service designer, to that of a respectable and rewarding computer Graphic Designer.

When deciding my graduate studies, I chose a non-artistic sector (the roofing-coverage) so that I could remain self-taught in this area.
I wanted also to keep originality and a precious artistic appetite that any school of art would have taken care to destroy by standardizing and boring learning.

Being self-taught is a true asset for me. This allows me to not be dependent of a specific training, in a given year, that rewarded me with a graphic designer diploma for all my life, but I constantly having to prove and improve my skills, keep me aware of the latest graphics news and the technical innovations, etc.

This it also allowed me to expand my knowledge on different communication techniques and on web design when my clients and my own desires took me there.
Given that I'm not “locked” in to the title of a specified diploma, my work is carried out by my own incentive and is guided by the needs of my clients ;

Which explains ( and finally, I've arrived...) the term of graphic designer "auto-moteur" (self-propelled).